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The Newcastle Fund: Round 13

Applications will close on the 2nd September at 12 noon 



The Newcastle Fund is Newcastle City Council’s programme of grant aid to voluntary and community sector organisations in Newcastle.

The activity you propose can be new or already existing, and the funding can be to cover core costs (those costs necessary to keep your organisation running) or project costs (those costs associated with delivering a project). Please read the guidance note before starting an application. Please note that we will only be accepting single year funding applications for this round, for the year 2023/24. 

Decisions on grant funding are subject to a formal decision making process. You must not place any reliance whatsoever on the support of Newcastle City Council until formally notified in writing that your application has been successful and your organisation’s authorised representative has signed and returned a funding agreement which will be sent to you by Newcastle City Council.

Any expenditure that you incur or commit to in the course of preparing your proposal prior to formal notification and return of the signed funding agreement is incurred and committed to entirely at your own risk.   
We will initially assess your application solely on the basis of this form.  It will then go forward to the Newcastle Fund Assessment Panel. In deciding whether or not to award a grant, we reserve the right to take into account information received outside of this application process, including: information received from you to clarify information in your application; knowledge our staff may have about your organisation and / or service(s); and any comments we receive from others.

To contact us at any point during the application period, you should email If you require communication support to help you fill in your application, please contact our team as soon as possible at to find out about how we can help.

This application form is designed to give us information we need about your organisation, the proposed activity you are applying for and your proposed budget. Please complete a separate application form for each project.

Please submit your completed application by 12 noon on Friday 2 September 2022.

Terms and Conditions of the Grant

Due diligence

On request, organisations must be able to provide copies of:

  • Up-to-date audited accounts (a minimum of two years’ accounts) or their independently examined equivalent, where appropriate* plus a statement of your current turnover, profit/loss and cash-flow position.
  • Public liability and employer’s liability insurance policies.
  • A safeguarding policy (where relevant).
  • A health and safety policy.
  • An equality and diversity policy.
  • A governing document (such as Articles of Association or your constitution) and other evidence that all funded organisations are third sector organisations.

Grant awards will be on condition that project applicants successfully undergo due diligence checks.

*Newly-formed organisations are not excluded from applying if they do not have two years of audited accounts but will be required to have a statement of the organisation’s current turnover, profit and loss and cash flow position.


Newcastle City Council is under no obligation to pay the grant unless the applicant complies with the conditions of the grant offer letter and may reduce, suspend or withhold the grant, or require all or part of the grant to be repaid if they judge the performance of the project to be unsatisfactory, or the applicant fails to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the offer letter.


The offer letter will contain the terms and conditions of the grant, the level of funding awarded and output requirements. You may be required to produce evidence relating to your organisation (see section 1 of the application form) and a signed hard copy version of your application form. Please have these available, but do not send these unless requested.

Monitoring and Payments

The payment arrangements will be in line with the Compact between the City Council and the VCS. Payments will be made in installments. The number of installments depends on the amount of the overall grant. Grants up to £4,999 will be paid in one installment, grants between £5,000 and £9,999 will be paid in two installments and grants of £10,000 and over will be paid in four installments.

In return for the payments we expect to receive monitoring information (on the same frequency as the payments). The monitoring information you submit to us not only provides you with a mechanism to tell us about the work you are doing but it also enables us to understand the collective impact the Newcastle Fund has upon the City.

Commitment to Transparency

In line with the City Council’s commitment to transparency and openness, the City Council may publicise details (name of organisation and project description only) of all applications received. Successful applications (including amount of grant awarded) will be publicised. We may also publish summary details of unsuccessful applications.

Unsuccessful projects will, upon request, be provided with feedback regarding the reasons why their application was not successful. Details of this process will be contained within the notification letters applicants receive regarding the outcome of their application.

Start a Newcastle Round 13 application here