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The Newcastle Fund: Round 11

Applications will close on the 18th August at noon. Click here to begin a new application. 



The Newcastle Fund is Newcastle City Council’s grant programme for voluntary and community sector organisations in Newcastle. This guidance sets out the process for applying to the ninth round of the Fund, for projects being delivered from April 2020 for up to 3 years. 

The core purpose of the Fund is as follows:

“The Newcastle Fund exists to support the voluntary and community sector to harness the energy and assets that exist in our communities and unlock (often untapped) potential to improve wellbeing and reduce inequalities.”

By assets we mean “any factor or resource which enhances the ability of individuals, communities and populations to maintain and sustain health and wellbeing. These assets can operate at the level of the individual, family or community as protective and promoting factors to buffer against life’s stresses.” (Morgan, 2009 cited in I&DeA, 2010).

What we will fund

The Newcastle Fund Round 11 welcomes applications from organisations or projects that can show how they will support Newcastle’s ambition to be a fairer city, embracing the potential for individuals or communities to reach their full potential.

Greater focus will be on projects which support and develop active citizens, support communities and individuals to design, develop and deliver their own solutions, empower people to effect positive change and offer new ways of working. The city faces very significant challenges, in the light of cuts to public spending, and significant changes to the welfare system. In the light of these challenges, the Council wishes to support initiatives which address the following three areas:

- Build communities. For example by,

helping to create a stronger sense of communities, a richer environment and a more local robust economy by inspiring others to positively develop the places in which they live

actively developing local people and making the best use of the many assets for wellbeing and social and economic development that already exist in communities

recognising and building on people’s often untapped skills, strengths, aspirations and networks and enabling them to be active in improving their own, and others wellbeing and health, rather than passive recipients of others’ actions

supporting the cultural opportunities of the city, such as socially-inclusive events which are fundamental to the character of our city.

- Improving individuals’ resilience. For example by,

preventing loss of independence and minimising the need for higher cost or crisis interventions

reducing loneliness and isolation or exclusion

helping people to regain confidence and connect to their communities

maximising and protecting the wellbeing of people who belong to vulnerable groups or have long term conditions

- Improving wellbeing and health. For example by,

building wellbeing and health awareness so that people can take control over and improve their lives

ensure people have the skills and support to get – an income, somewhere to live, freedom from excessive debt, and employment opportunities

enabling young people to have a good start in life

The criteria above are designed to generate bids that cut across all of the Council’s priorities. 

The project you propose can be to fund new or existing activity and can be to cover your core costs (those costs necessary to keep your organisation running) or project costs (those costs associated with delivering a project).

What we will not fund:

• Organisations that are not constituted voluntary and community organisations, registered charities, or social enterprises.

• Activity outside the Newcastle City Council area or activity which targets beneficiaries who are not Newcastle residents.

• Costs or activities which are before 1 April 2021 or after 31 March 2024. Your project must start before 1 April 2021

• Costs associated with submitting an application.

• Organisations which do not have an organisational bank account requiring at least two signatories.

• Bid submissions over £50,000 per year

In addition to the Newcastle Fund, the Council devolves funding for neighbourhood level projects to our ward committees, where decisions on funding are taken in public by elected Councillors. Small projects which are focused on specific neighbourhoods should consider an application to the relevant ward committee, rather than to the Newcastle Fund. Link:

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